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Party-Night-Anti-Hangover-SupplementThere’s no shortage of hangover pill products online, and that’s to be expected given the fact that a lot of people go through it. All of them claim to be effective, but how many of these pills are effective? For these pills to work they must provide a comprehensive solution to the problem at hand, and they must be fast acting. Here are some tips.

What Should I Look For?

For hangover pills to be effective, they have to provide relief to the symptoms fast. This means getting rid of headaches, nausea, muscle aches, upset stomach, irritation and so on. Second, the ingredients must have scientific basis: do not take any anti hangover pill that doesn’t list its ingredients because you could end up in a worse condition. If you drink on a regular basis you should be familiar with the potential effects of alcohol on your liver, so whatever pill you take should provide protection for this as well.

Apart for providing protection for your liver, the pills should have electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to accelerate the recovery process. One of the problems with most of these treatments is they take too long to remove the symptoms. That’s fine and dandy if you don’t have to go to school or work the next day, but if you do, a fast acting treatment is necessary.

Tested and Proven Safe

Have these pills been subjected to clinical trials and tests? Are the ingredients safe and do they provide the benefits you need to cope with the symptoms? These are questions that need to be answered in the positive, otherwise you’re better off trying other medications. Make sure also the product is made in US labs and undergo a stringent process to ensure quality.

Quick Replenishment of Lost Nutrients

The reason you feel so weak after drinking all night is the alcohol removes a lot of the liquids and nutrients in your body. What a no hangover pill should do is provide the necessary replenishment as that will speed up your recovery. Drinking alcohol accelerates breakdown of vitamins and minerals in your body, so the pill you take must do the exact opposite, that is, break down alcohol.

As your body gets replenished, the dizziness, nausea, and headaches dissipate. You’ll also notice that other side effects like inability to think clearly and slurred speech will disappear. Furthermore these pills will reduce the effect alcohol has on the GABA receptors in your brain.

What is DHM and Why is it Important?

DHM (dihydromyricetin) is an extract from the Chinese Raisin Tree and has been used as a natural hangover cure pill for centuries. However it was only during the past decade that researchers began to study it, and results indicate DHM does reduce hangover symptoms and can keep you from getting drunk. Aside from fighting intoxication there’s also evidence that DHM enhances liver functions and eliminates toxins in your body.

Because of the way DHM works, it minimizes the feeling of being drunk and prevents symptoms like loss of inhibition, slurring and other signs from manifesting. In other words, DHM is a natural charger that revitalizes your body and speeds up liver processing.

What Other Ingredients Should I Look For?

When you search for the best hangover pill you’re going to find all sorts of “natural” ingredients listed, and while they may be natural, that doesn’t mean they’re going to make you feel better. The following have been tested and proven to be effective so check for them in the ingredients list.

  • Prickly Pear: Prickly pear is an effective natural treatment and can reduce symptoms significantly especially when combined with DHM.
  • Milk Thistle: milk thistle is also effective but only if there’s a significant amount of silymarin, as that provides protection for your liver and speeds up recovery. There’s been extensive research done on this substance and evidence suggests that it prevents ethanol from being converted into acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical. Milk thistle also has a soothing effect on your liver, reducing the ill effects of alcohol.
  • N Acetyl Cysthine: N Acetyl Cysthine is something you should look for as well because it serves as protection for your liver. When you consume alcohol, N Acetyl Cysthine attaches itself to the acetaldehyde, leading to faster removal of alcohol and the other toxic elements in your body. It also boosts your body’s glutathione production, reducing your system’s inflammatory response to alcohol.

Electrolytes and Vitamins

Sports and energy drinks often trumpet their use of electrolytes and rightfully so because they’re crucial for alcohol recovery. Heavy drinking leads to chemical imbalances in your body, and when they’re depleted, leads to unpleasant symptoms including dehydration. The best hangover pill has electrolytes because it rehydrates your body and restores the chemical balance.

The same thing can be said for vitamins and minerals. Magnesium in particular is necessary because it increases the absorption properties of N Acetyl Cysthine. You’ll also want to look for vitamin C in the ingredients because it’s a natural antioxidant, preventing the free radicals produced by acetaldehyde from affecting your body. Vitamin C has other health benefits of course, and since alcohol deprives your body of these, it’s important it is replenished.

Apart from vitamin C, the B vitamins – B1, B6 and B12 in particular- are crucial in terms of properly removing alcohol from your system. Although you can consume these separately, they’re more effective if taken together.

Read Product Reviews

Last but not the least, read product reviews. What do people have to say about it, and are they happy? Does it produce the desired results? Whenever buying products online, always look for consumer feedback.

There are a lot of these pills available, but which is the most effective? Based on ingredients and customer feedback, Party Night Hangover supplement is the best option available. With its special hangover prevention formula complete with DHM, you’ll be free of those unpleasant symptoms and get on with your day. With this supplement, you don’t have to give up partying as you’ll wake up feeling energetic and refreshed.

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