Adrafinil Reviews – How to Improve Clarity and Focus

adrafinilWhile worries about obesity and cholesterol are hogging the headlines, more and more people are becoming concerned about sleep and mental health. It’s not just about Alzheimer’s disease, either. Sleep deprivation is becoming a very worrisome issue, while maintaining mental agility in the work force is a continuing concern. And both problems can be solved with a single solution: Adrafinil.

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A War on Two Fronts: Sleep Deprivation and Cognitive Difficulties

It’s no secret that more and more people are not getting enough sleep. It’s a problem that affects workers and schoolchildren alike, and sleep deprivation causes numerous health concerns. It is a contributing factor to conditions such as obesity, suicidal tendencies, and depression. When sleep deprivation goes on too long, concentration and attention spans decrease, and academic achievement for students are reduced.

For workers, it results in lower productivity and higher rates of workplace accidents. It’s a problem that affects 22 million workers in the US, and it’s hardly a purely American problem. Since people are not getting enough sleep at night, they become drowsy during the day.

People are squeezing in too many tasks during the day. It’s a matter of necessity—students have too many things to learn, while adults have to work hard to keep their jobs and many need to work two jobs to get by.

So in essence it is a two-front problem for people at the workplace and in school. People need to get enough sleep. At the same time, they need to become more alert during the day so that their work productivity is maintained. This means people have two problems that are related yet are opposite in nature. They need something to help them sleep and also something to keep them awake.

Some people take sleeping pills at night so that they can get some sleep, while others try more dubious methods such as drinking alcohol. And then during the day, people drink large amounts of caffeine to get by. Others even try illegal drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine just to remain alert.

Adrafinil helps with numerous cognitive difficulties and what’s more it represents probably the best option for everyone with sleeping difficulties.

Who Needs Sleep and Cognitive Supplements?

It probably safe to say that everyone who has sleeping difficulties and who needs help staying alert during work needs this nootropic supplement. But it is especially helpful for:

  • Truckers. These are perhaps the workers who reputedly abuse amphetamines the most. It’s understandable why they need to keep alert. They drive large trucks over long distances, and sleepiness can make them a hazard on the road. You can also put in machine operators in this category.
  • Students. This supplement really helps students get enough sleep and yet maintain enough mental clarity during study periods.
  • Computer programmers. Programming combines technical and artistic skills, so it’s no surprise that sometimes programmers spend many hours straight on a single project. In fact, the popularity of “nootropics”, which are supplements designed to enhance cognitive abilities, are due to the need of Silicon Valley workers to improve their work productivity.
  • Health workers. Nurses and other health care workers often work very long shifts, and these can mess up their sleeping patterns. But the use of Adrafinil can help them gain mental alertness while making it easy for them to sleep when the time comes.

If your work demands a lot of concentration, what you don’t want to do is to take “uppers” such as amphetamines during the day and then take “downers” at night to help you sleep. Such a practice is extremely unhealthy. It can also get you fired.


How Adrafinil Helps

It is completely natural, and each capsule contains 300 mg of Adrafinil which has been clinically tested to boost mental acuity and energy. It helps you fight sleepiness during the day but it won’t make you overly restless. Its reported benefits include the following:

  • It reduces anxiety and stress. These feelings can make you wakeful at night, and affect your workplace productivity during the day. But the supplement boosts serotonin levels so that you can fight of stress more easily.
  • It uplifts your mood. A bad mood can be caused by a drop in your dopamine levels. But this is increased by the supplement so that your mood improves.
  • Your memory and concentration are enhanced. That makes learning a much easier process than ever before.
  • It is also used to treat sleep apnea. This is a condition characterized by irregular breathing when you sleep, and it can reduce the quality of your sleep at night which leads to drowsiness during the day time.

Other Advantages

There are other reasons why this supplement is so popular today.

  • It is legal. You won’t have to worry about getting arrested by police authorities, nor do you need to be anxious about your company’s drug screening policies. This supplement is legal in the US and all over the world.
  • It is safe to use. It doesn’t cause any weird side effects, you won’t become addicted to its use, and you won’t even have to worry about any problems when you also take other medications. To be safe, however, it is always wise to consult your doctor when you take any supplement while you’re also on prescription drugs.

Contrast this with energy drinks that give you the jitters. That’s because these drinks are simple caffeine products, and too much caffeine can really make you jittery, anxious, and restless. Sleeping pills, on the other hand, can be potentially addictive.

  • It is affordable. It doesn’t cost more than $2 a pill, and that’s not bad considering the benefits you get. While it is more expensive than other supplements designed to improve mental acuity, these other brands may not work at all so you’re just wasting your money.


You hit two birds with one stone with Adrafinil, and that’s what makes it so great and popular. It helps you with your sleep at night, and during the day you are more focused and mentally alert to do your tasks well. What more can you ask for from just a single pill once a day? Take it, and you’ll see your health and your work productivity improve at the same time.

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